Hi guys.

Last post was being stupid. I just wanted to say I haven’t deactivated. I’m still here every once in a while but couldn’t post anything. I do plan on coming back very soon. I’ve just been really busy with work and moving. Miss you all.


I’m sorry for the text post no I’m not!! But long story short I gave up my android phone because I switched from t-mobile to at&t. And I thought the phone I got from at&t was an android but it was a STUPID WINDOWS PHONE!! I’ve been living with this POS for like 6 months now. Well I just realized that I could sim-unlock my android phone and I did it!! OMG I HAVE MY ANDROID PHONE BACK!! I’M THROWING THE WINDOWS PHONE OUT THE WINDOW! I’m sorry I’m just really happy.

This is a tutorial about how to use an EA animation in Blender to make it a pose.

I previously made a tutorial about this already. But I don’t think I was clear enough because I received a lot of messages saying it was confusing. So I decided to do it over again. Hopefully this one clears some stuff up. I show you how to do this for a sim and a pet in this tutorial. If you still have questions feel free to ask me.

Anonymous said:
could you livestream on how to do the ea animations im still really confused  

I don’t have a livestream. Hmm… you did follow the video tutorial right? I may do the video over again since when I made it, it was really late and I was extremely tired. I probably missed a few steps and didn’t explain it clearly.

-eci said:
hi i follow you on your personal blog and saw that you are on a temp hiatus. umm i download your tv show uploads where do i go to get those now and will you be uploading more? could you do it by torrent and not zip files? sorry to ask here but this is the only way to get in touch with you  

Hi Eci. Don’t apologize for asking here. I’m answering publicly just in case someone else follows me on my personal and downloaded stuff from me.

I recently deleted all my movies/tv shows that I had uploaded. Yes I have thought of doing torrents but I really don’t want to. If you know how to download from a http server, I have everything (I mean everything) I have on it. I use hfs server. If you know how to do it this way send me another ask and I’ll give you the link to everything I have.

I will upload the pic in a photoset of what it looks like

Retro-Vintage Poster set

There’s a total of 11 recolors, they cost §120. You can move this poster up and down once it’s on the wall.

A package file, sims3pack file, and 2 preview pictures are included in the RAR file download. I hope you all enjoy them. If there are any problems please let me know.

Download Set Here


  • Mesh- Indigo
  • Poster Artist- Handz from Etsy, ProjectType from Etsy, and ParadaCreations

I’ve seen a few pose creators struggle on making some poses. Like dogs sitting down, cats laying down, whatever. They can’t get the bodies right. I have this same problem. So by simply using an EA animation we skip that whole step. If you were to use a dog sitting animation by EA, you wouldn’t have to do it yourself. This tutorial shows you how to go about doing this.

If this is still confusing, message me and I will help you out.  

I have no idea why it keeps zooming in and out? WTH?? 

Movie and TV Show posters for your sims.

This post consist of 4 different paintings.  


Harry Potter Set 1 has 7 recolors

Harry Potter Set 2 has 8 recolors

Lord of The Rings has 4 recolors

LOST Set 1 has 8 recolors

The artwork used in these posters are from various artist from Behance and Flickr. Each artist is credited in it’s own download. Each poster has been tested in game by me and 2 other simmers. Each rar file includes a package file, sims3pack, and preview pictures. I really hope you guys enjoy these. Message me if there are any problems :)

Another pose set that I’m working on.

Anonymous said:
hey! where did you get the earrings in the last picture  

Hi anon. I got them from here

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Nami’Rhane (nom-e) (rain) Aitayorta (i-tay-or-tuh)


The graceful, water-elves. They have an advanced sense of touch. Their hearing and sight are 4 times better than a humans. They live in the galaxy Centauri, on the planet Pheira. There are 5 livable planets in their galaxy. The Pheira’s are very similar to the human race. Same body type and facial features. Though the Pheira have pointed ears, and yellow eyes mixed with another color. Intellectually the Pheira are superior to humans. They use 100% of their brain unlike the humans only using some.  They live on land but survive off of water. The powers of the Pheira vary. Some use pyschic powers, while others have the ability to heal with a touch. The Pheiras respect nature and what their planet gives them. They are herbivores and love the animals that were given to them. They tend to live to the age of 4,000. Once they turn the age of 100, their body stops aging. The different genders of the species are very distinct physically. The males have pointed ears, but are much larger than the females. Their world of Pheira is flourishing, has three moons and many rings surrounding it, and is known for being an excellent place for pure water. Their sun is blue, so is every other star surrounding their planet. The Pheira’s would die without the water that flows through their veins and their home.


Was born on her home planet of Pheira. The day she was born her mother and father knew she was special. Most Pheira’s are born with a yellow outer ring and a green or brown eye color. Nami’s eyes are yellow and blue. The color of the water. The old and beloved queen had yellow and blue eyes. The only Pheira besides Nami. Pheira’s are born with regular ears. As they age they become pointed. Another way to see that Nami is special. Her ears were pointed as she came out of her mother. She also bears the marks of the true good queen. The yellow path draining from her eye onto her cheekand the yellow key to eternity on her neck. Being so special, a lot of Pheira’s wanted her dead. Especially the queen that rules so harshly now. Her mother took Nami and fled to earth, where she raised her. Waiting for her to age and return to Pheira, to take her rightful place on the throne and rule with a gentle strong hand. 

A house that I’ve been working on. I used this house as inspiration and just changed a few things to my liking. Though I am not done yet.

Child and foal.

Anonymous said:
What do you want to see in the sims 3?  

More things for horses definitely. So I can love on my horses like I love on them in real life. More options for tail and hair style mainly. Like one of my horses has this funky do right now. Ohmagawd I need to get a picture of him. He looks badass. Anyway. More things for animals. Heck, more animals!! I want MONKEYS!! Capuchin monkeys to be exact, since I use to own one myself. Yes, I love animals okay. And that other crap too. Couple interactions, swimming in ocean. Stuff like that. I don’t really care about seasons. Just more animal stuff. I really don’t care. 


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